Certified Welding
CNC Lathe work
Precision Machining

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5 lathes up to 1 metre diameter – 3 metre between centres CNC Teach Lathe 520 diameter x 2 metre BC with its high speed extreme accurate and is ideal for small production runs.

2 Mills 1200x400x600 Vertical and Horizontal 3 Axis head

  • Splines Internal & External
  • Keyways Internal & External
  • Boring & Lineboring
  • Slotting & Shaping
  • Gear Cutting

Profile cutting:
2mm-50mm Plate in stock, Mild steel, high Strength and

And wear resistant Plasma cutting:
Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel

Mig, Tig, Oxy, Acetylene in all types of steel

  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Mild Steel
  • H.T. Steel Alloys
  • Aluminium
  • Bronze

Metal Spraying:
Eutally & Rototec

Radial drilling/boring machine. This machine can drill up to 100mm diameter and tap up to 40mm threads. It’s a powerful machine , which is also useful for boring large diameter holes in awkward work pieces.